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Design: The Process


This is the first step in designing your garden. I will visit your garden and talk through your initial design ideas, any practical issues,  and budget.

This meeting will establish how you want to use your outdoor space and what you would like included in the design, such as areas for eating, sitting/relaxing, storage and screening. It also gives you a chance to meet me and see some of my work.

I will then write to you confirming the design brief and a quotation for the cost of the design work.


Once the quotation is approved, a detailed site analysis takes place to assess the aspect, views, soil conditions, drainage, existing features and any other issues that may affect the design. I will also cross reference from Architect files, existing drainage plans and Topographical Land surveys.

For very small urban gardens I can carry out a detailed survey, but for larger or more complex sites, this will need to be carried out by an external Land Surveyor. 


A concept plan of the new garden is drawn up, using images, 3D visuals and hard landscaping materials to show you what the new garden will look like.

Throughout this stage you will have input into the final design. Once the concept plan has been agreed,  the final Master Layout Plan will be drawn up to scale, and will show enough detail for contractors to work from. 


I will help to choose a contractor suitable for your project, taking into consideration the location, project scale and materials to be used. 

Once a contractor has been appointed, I will visit the site during the build phase from beginning to end as required, making sure the construction follows the agreed design and specification, and that the work is carried out to the highest professional standards.


I use Moodboards and 3D visuals if required to create the Planting Design concept for each area/border. Throughout this stage you will have input into the final design. Once the concept plan has been agreed, I will produce the final Planting Plans. 

Plants are chosen for size, texture, form and colour, attractiveness to various pollinators as well as maintenance level and suitability of soil. 

Planting plans are produced showing the location and spacing of all plants selected for the garden, and a plant schedule lists the sizes and quantities for costing and ordering. I offer plant sourcing and can arrange all deliveries of trees and plants to site, and also setting out and liaison with the planting team as required on site.


Once the garden is completed, maintenance schedules can be drawn up to make sure the garden investment is maintained to keep it looking its best.

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